May 2011

TeachMeet Beyond and the Outdoor Numeracy Notes!

30 May 2011

An opportunity to meet other teachers and compare outdoor learning activities.

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Eco Art in the School Grounds

25 May 2011
Eco Art

There was a big focus on reusing unwanted items.

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Outdoor Maths: investigating right angles with sticks

22 May 2011
Right Angles with Sticks

The concept of a right angle can often stump children.

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An outdoor shape activity with sticks

19 May 2011
Outdoor Shapes with Sticks

The sticks are getting a serious amount of use at the moment.

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It’s a fence party! Come and see!

16 May 2011
Fence Party

It certainly made my day seeing a fence “facelift” like this.

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Circle Poems in Action

13 May 2011
Circle Poems

Children’s words can be used to create forms and patterns.

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10 May 2011

Last weekend I finally put my compost bin together!

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Number Bonds with Sticks

6 May 2011
Number Bonds with Sticks

Sticks are an essential resource for many outdoor activities.

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Scale and Geometric Patterns with Sticks

3 May 2011
Pattern Sticks

I do believe every school needs sticks!

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