September 2011

Story Stones and Thinking Skills

29 September 2011
Story Stones

A little stone can give a lot of empowerment in a funny sort of way.

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Developing Thinking Skills with Leaves

26 September 2011
Leaf Thinking

What other thoughts might you have about leaves?

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Outdoor Art: Using Peg Looms to Weave

23 September 2011
Outdoor Peg Loom

Weaving with a peg loom – from fleece to rug.

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Edupic11 – A Conversation about Scottish Education

20 September 2011
Beyond Curriculum for Excellence

Beyond Curriculum for Excellence.

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Technology for Learning Outside

17 September 2011
Digital Technology Outdoor Learning

Digital and mobile technologies can be a benefit to outdoor learning.

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Inspirational Walls – In School Grounds & Beyond

13 September 2011

Ideas for school grounds development.

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Outdoor Art: Felting Stones

10 September 2011
Felted Stones

Felting stones is a really simple activity to do outside.

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Mulleborg – an Outdoor Swedish Pre-school

7 September 2011

Children spend 80% of their time outside, all year round – in ALL weathers!

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Outdoor Maths: Measuring the Size of Sticks

3 September 2011
Measuring Sticks Maths

A simple activity for learning about measuring using…sticks!

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