October 2011

Outdoor Music Wall

28 October 2011
Music Wall

Making music outdoors with different materials.

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Czech Pre-schools – A Forest Project for All

26 October 2011
Forest School Activity Book

A German model of forest school is being given serious consideration by environmental organisations.

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Lessons in life principles from the Okanagan people

23 October 2011
Okanagan Life Principles

Community philosophy approach and education systems.

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Measuring Sticks

20 October 2011
Measuring Sticks

The real objects we treasure have a personal value.

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A Portable Water Wall

16 October 2011
Portable Water Wall

Portable water walls which children could create themselves.

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The tripod made from guttering

13 October 2011
Guttering Tripod

I love how ideas can be cross-pollinated, used, changed, adapted and turned through play into all sorts of explorations.

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The Story of Fred the Ted

11 October 2011
Fred the Ted

Fred the Ted provides an avenue into literacy.

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Water play with blue tarp and tyres

8 October 2011
Water Play

The perfect combination for interesting play.

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Bringing nature into a Czech Nursery

5 October 2011
Rope Trail

Outdoor spaces in a Czech nursery school.

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An unofficial natural playspace

5 October 2011
Rothay Park

In Rothay Park, Ambleside.

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Outdoor learning, Eco-Guilt and Portable Seats

2 October 2011
Eco Seat

What would you do to re-use these seats?

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