April 2012

Information or Data Handling Activities Outdoors

30 April 2012
Carroll Diagram

After a hard day’s teaching 15 participants learn more maths outdoors.

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The Outdoor Clothing Box is Being Trialled

25 April 2012
Outdoor Clothing Box

Children’s feedback includes more than you might expect.

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We are the Influencers!

22 April 2012
The Star

With the power to change anything.

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It’s a blank canvas!

18 April 2012
Planning school grounds development

Where do I start with school grounds development?

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Happiness is a Hammock

14 April 2012
Happy Hammock

There is an element of unpredictability is learning outdoors.

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Dangerous Ideas in Education

11 April 2012
Playing with fire

Do we need more risk in activities offered to children?

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I’m in Charge of Celebrations: Earth Day Book Activity

8 April 2012
I'm in charge of celebrations

Earth Day and celebrations – are you in charge of them?

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A Seascape to Whet the Appetite

4 April 2012
Deep Sea Diver

For lots of creative children and staff this was only the beginning.

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