December 2012

The Potential of a New Year

30 December 2012
The Star

We all bear some responsibility for the state of the planet.

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2012 – The Popular Posts

23 December 2012
Group of Children

2012 has brought some popularity changes!

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Willow Lattice Arches and Panels

19 December 2012
Willow Arch

Different ideas for using willow arches in school grounds.

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Exploding Leaves

15 December 2012
Leaf Explosions

Children like explosions and autumn is a great time for leaf explosions!

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The One About The Plastic Pipes

12 December 2012

If you ever pass by a building site, have a quick look.

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The Black Suitcase

10 December 2012
Black Suitcase

A simple black suitcase can be an incredibly useful play resource.

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Literacy in the Woods at the Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery

6 December 2012
Literacy in the Woods

Reading and writing are complex processes.

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The Advent Garden – Christmas Outdoors

1 December 2012
Advent Garden

An alternative Advent Calendar.

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