School Grounds Development

Involving children increases levels of ownership

Developing school grounds on an ongoing basis brings about long-term improvements that make a huge different to learning and play outside. The improvements can be small-scale and low cost. If these are undertaken by classes where children are fully involved in the process as part of a project then levels of ownership are high and the sustainability of the improvements are easier to maintain.

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Big Outdoor Musical Instruments

This post looks at some matters worth considering before buying big instruments for the outdoor areas. Well worth a read.

Tyres in Schools

Tyres are easily acquired and have multiple open-ended uses. This download gives a few ideas for children and young people of all ages.

Give your Ugly Fence a Makeover

If you have lots of fences that need brightening up then here’s a few ideas to get you going. Fences are a 3D solution for planting, art work, weaving projects and much more.

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