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This blog post is a guest post by Justina Danisova, who works for the environmental organisation Tereza in the Czech Republic. She is currently working on an outdoor learning project which involves posting simple, cheap, doable suggestions for teachers and early years practitioners on Facebook. They experiment with the proposals and then feedback their experiences and reflections. 

I happened to be meeting Justina recently after being in the Czech Republic for a European Meeting of  Forest Kindergarten Leaders. She had a bag full of resources and kindly shared them with me.

The purpose of the leaves with the shapes drawn around them in a black outline, is to help children look for a range of different tree species outside. They can use the examples created by Justina as a provocation to classify the leaf type according to their approximate shape. Children can hunt for leaves and enjoy looking in detail at the shape. Naturally this gives rise to plenty of discussions.

Justina, is an avid enthusiast of using cardboard and masking tape outside. The shape frames below are small affairs so that the children can find leaves with a large enough area to cover the 2D shape. Initially she had hoped that the children were able to cut out their own shapes but this proved a little challenging for some. Once children had found a leaf of their choosing and created the shape frame, then they can be stuck on windows or hung as a mobile, inside or out.

Naturally the concept can be upscaled in size. The first photo on this blog is a lovely demonstration of this and shows how the idea can be morphed into an art activity.

Thanks Justina!

Watch this space for more of her ideas 🙂

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