Last week I blogged about Fraserburgh South Park’s Nursery Fences. This was only part of a whole school grounds makeover that happened a week or two ago. There was a big focus on reusing unwanted items.

Firstly, at all the entrances into the school, there are now these bright murals, designed and painted by the children. I’m a big fan of child-painted murals in that if vandalism occurs, it’s much easier for the children to touch up the paintwork. Gloss paint was used on thin board and the murals were attached using a masonry drill bit.

The older children each made a tile from old bottle tops, shells, broken tiles and other bits and pieces. There are displayed at the entrance to the school.

The bits were attached to the acrylic tiles using “no nails glue” which is tough and can withstand weathering outside. Again gloss paint was used for decoration.

Big tractor tyres suddenly seemed to have become fashionable in schools. However, I’ve not seen any others look as beautiful as the ones here. Here’s the distance shot…

But look at the detail when you move in closer. Very good use of the natural tread has been made to create the art work.

As well as each child growing plants in recycled milk bottles, there were lots of laminated bits of artwork. I like the flower nestled between the containers here…

The butterflies have see-through wings which allow the light to shine through…

I’m wondering if anyone has counted the butterflies on the fence. There are hundreds!

Some of the older classes opted for weaving projects. Look at the tessellating patterns…

Old wrapping paper, ribbon and other strips of plastic-based material have been used…

The leaf paving stones were made through hammering the tiles inside a plastic bag. Again gloss paint was used.

The contrasting white paint against the green grass enhances the rather fetching flower display…

This miniature den will soon be covered in sweet peas. Any climbing plants make excellent summer dens for children.

Finally what does this feature remind you of? Blue loch water? Snake-like bumps?

Yes! This school now has its very own Loch Ness Monster. The tyres were painted then dug into the ground. The blue loch rectangle has mulching sheet put down to prevent weeds coming through. The stones were painted with blue gloss paint.

A lot of these projects relied on gloss paint. It’s worth asking your local council’s recycling officer if there are paint depots where the paint can be accessed. Local painter and decorators may also be willing to donate their leftover paint.

Congratulations to Fraserburgh South Park School children, staff and community! Lots of ugly fences covered. Beautiful outdoor art. The world salutes your efforts!

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Isil Simsek May 26, 2011 at 08:09

Looks really beautiful!


Erin Xx May 26, 2011 at 21:20

Thanks for inspiring me!
Hope you don’t mind… I’ve added your link at the bottom of my new post.
Love Erin Xx


Juliet Robertson June 1, 2011 at 08:12

Thanks Erin – very kind of you to add a link to your post. I will go and have a look.


Mama Pea Pod June 9, 2011 at 09:28

How wonderful and inspiring to see these creative outdoor play areas!

Thanks for sharing on Outdoor Play!


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