All over Scotland there are hideous fences that mark our boundaries and purport to keep our children safe. They are ugly.

This used to be a nursery outdoor play space

Local authorities do not have a problem with this. I do. However I’m not prepared to hang around waiting for a change in attitude or fencing mentality. I would be waiting a long time.

The local authority installed this to replace the above play space

Instead I urge you to join this guerilla campaign to give these fences a makeover. It’s a bit of a “Trinny & Susannah” approach admittedly. They get people to look and feel better by working out what clothes to wear.

We need to dress up the ugly fences. They will look better. We will feel better. They can even add to the fun of being outside for children. Hooray.

There is no petition to sign. But bright ideas are welcome. Suggestions willingly accepted. Photos gratefully received. Together, inch by inch, fence post by fence post, we can and will make a difference! Please join the campaign by adding a comment under any of the photos on the Creative STAR Facebook page.

Here’s some of the success stories so far…

I know this is a wall not a fence but the idea is transferable. I like the addition of the beaver stump to make this display more hands on.

This art display has been created from strips of plastic bags. Although it is time consuming to create, it is is easy to maintain thereafter.

This beads and butterflies display is pretty. The children created these inside in their spare time but have used the fence as a display space.

When welly boots have  been outgrown, they can be reused as planters. Pierce the foot, so that water can drain away. Each child can take their welly home to tend to during the holidays.

Bridge of Allan Primary School have this superb entrance to their wildlife garden. Beautiful signs really do enhance an outdoor space.

For more thoughts around fences, have a look at previous blog posts from Inverallochy School and Collaborative Play Through a Fence.

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child central station November 26, 2010 at 13:41


We put an easel on our fence, along with a music (wall). We also painted a number of the horizontal posts with chalkboard paint to allow the children to write/draw on sections of it! I have photos of the music area and the easel on my blog, but none of the chalkboard paint yet :). I hope to get a sand/water wall up on a section of the fence in the near future, although with our freezing temperatures this time of year, we really won’t be able to use it much until spring. (The sand is too frozen/hard to scoop!)


Abbie November 29, 2010 at 01:29

LOVE the boot fence! We picked out our house in part because none of the neighbors have fences. Just makes for so much more room to run and play.
So glad that there are people out there trying to make fences more interesting and entertaining for children!


eyesonnature - Anja November 30, 2010 at 07:29

Juliet – we picked up an idea from your photos on facebook and gave our tin shed wall a makeover. Here is the result three months later. Thank you for sharing ideas. It looks like milk bottles are the same the world over! – “Little Eyes on Nature”


John R. Johnson December 3, 2011 at 01:02

Hey Juliet,
I’m a fence builder in the USA. Superior Services Deck & Fence. Located in Evansville, Indiana. Found your blog and was impressed by your students creativity. Thanks for all the good photo’s.
Have a great day John R. johnson


Juliet Robertson December 3, 2011 at 09:31

Thanks John

Your business is the sort that can be so useful for schools who need to develop their school yards and outdoor spaces.

Best wishes


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