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30 May 2017 · 0 comments

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Recently I was invited to join a wonderful Facebook page. It’s a simple, fun outdoor activity for people of all ages. It’s a massive, local DIY treasure hunt where everyone decorates and hides rocks for other people in the group to find. Here’s what the blurb says…

Join us, all ages. Share your artwork, discover new places in Inverurie, notice surroundings you’ve never given a thought about before and spread some joy to those discovering our treasures.

The idea is to paint rocks and pebbles and hide them in places around Inverurie for others to find, re hide or keep. This page allows everyone to:

  • show their rock when they have been painted.
  • let everyone know where they have been hidden
  • say where the treasures have been hidden or been found
  • share anything else rock related.

There are only 3 ‘rules’

1. Please make sure your rocks don’t have anything stuck to them that could become litter. Glitter and stickers need to be sealed with varnish or sealant so they don’t come off.

2. If you use acrylic paints please use a sealant over them to make sure your artwork stays on…otherwise it will run off and pollute our wonderful parks. Clear nail polish, spray on sealant or polyurethane will do the trick at keeping our wonderful for creations in tact for finders and keepers  –you can also use coloured nail varnish or exterior paints to create your awesome rocks.

3. Please make sure the rocks are hidden in places where they won’t get in the way of the council mowers and landscapers. We don’t want to spread problems. We just want to spread the joy!

If you see any rubbish lying around while you’re all out hiding and hunting please pick up and put it in the bins.

Inverurie rocks has been inspired by Nelson rocks, whanganui rocks. Thank you so much for the fabulous idea. And please share this group with anyone who would be interested.


Brilliant, eh? I also think the concept could be adapted to a school situation with a little care and creativity.

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