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Recently I saw a blog post about creating natural watercolour paint from fresh flowers. With lots of flowers appearing now spring is here, I thought it would be a timely opportunity to have a go at this myself – a practice run before trialling on a group of children. 

Whilst out on a walk and from my garden, I carefully collected a range of flowers. From left to right they are: daffodil, flowering currant, goosegrass, blue gentian and anenome, maple tree blossom and celandines.

Rainbow potion 1

I decided to add water in glasses and pound with a spoon. It wasn’t very effective. I should have followed the instructions on the LearnPlayImagine blog. I put in way too much water and didn’t wait more than a few minutes rather than several hours. Tsk! Tsk! So when I tried painting, I had no luck whatsoever.

In frustration I piled all the flowers and water into one glass to take out to my compost heap. That’s when I discovered how to make a rainbow potion!

Rainbow potions 3

I was reminded that experiments never fail. They just don’t always turn out as we expect! And I will experiment further with the natural watercolour paint. The concept is too good to ignore for long!

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