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Do you ever see children interacting with murals on playground walls? Very often murals and boards are a decorative presence rather than a playful presence. They may have originally been a class project. Over the years such projects can loose their meaning to all but those who are involved.

Curiosty Shop 4

Earlier this month I had the privilege of running a training course at Pottery Primary School in Belper. This school had some very interesting murals, all with a history and a story to tell and which involved partnership working with others.

Curiosity Shop 5

The Curiosity Shop is tucked away within a little dead end area of the playground. But as a result of the murals, is one of the most popular parts of the ground. As you can see in the photo above, there’s a stage in front of this backdrop. So children can really act out their ideas.

Curiosity Shop 3

Whilst the feel is definitely of an old-fashioned shop, I love the idea of a Curiosity Shop. After all, it’s not telling the children what sort of role play has to happen here. It can be whatever the children want to do. The place can go with the flow of the children’s ideas.

Curiosity Shop 2

Open for business? You bet. Every playtime!

The murals here are the work of Abigail Sawyer – a parent at the school. You can see details of her murals on her website. Enjoy browsing 🙂

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