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9 July 2014 · 0 comments

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We all know children need to get out more. They need more exercise, more real-life experiences, more opportunities to connect with the natural world. Their physical and mental health depend upon it, and so does their cognitive development. `Dirty Teaching` is a timely and powerful pedagogical text – inspiring, exciting, enlightening. It’s also highly accessible and full of down-to-earth advice about taking teaching out into the real world. Every primary teacher should read it!” Sue Palmer, Literacy Specialist and Author of Toxic Childhood

Dirty Teaching: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Outdoors  was published almost 3 weeks ago. Since then I’ve been inundated with lots of fun, friendly and positive feedback. I’d like to thank everyone who has bought a copy and I hope you are enjoying the book. It’s still ranked on Hive and Amazon in the Primary Education bestsellers lists and even reached the giddy heights of No. 3 the day after it was published. So I’m really touched at the interest shown (and off to lie down in a dark room and recover).

Thinking Child book

Love the humour of this photo, by Sue Dixon of Thinking Child

There’s a couple of updated bits of news. First, you can now by the e-book. It can be downloaded from:

  • Crown House Publishing – Kindle and iBook versions available
  • Hive – the largest UK independent online bookstore that supports local book shops.
  • Waterstones – better known for its high street stores
  • Amazon – for the Kindle version

Second, if you live outwith the UK, then it’s still possible to get hold of a copy:

  • Canadians can download the book from Amazon.ca now, or wait until 15th July for a paper copy.
  • For US residents, you will have to wait until 30th July for Amazon.com to release the book!
  • Australians have a choice of stockists including Angus & Robertson and Booktopia.
  • If you live in other countries, Fishpond will mail to anywhere in the world.
Mindy's Photo

Thank you Mindy Pickering of Badger Wood Adventures

 Third, many thanks to everyone who cared to send me a comment or a photo about the book. Here’s some of the ones I’ve managed to pull together – apologies if you are not mentioned.

Thank you for delivering a copy of Dirty Teaching.  When someone from the local area calls and says they have written a book, I must admit I am usually not too enthusiastic.  Your book, however, is  excellent and hopefully, will do very well.  As you maybe know, we have reduced our book display substantially but I would be more than willing to give your publication shelf space.” Mike Strachan, Strachan’s of Inverurie

“Perfect in every way.  Now to get teachers, librarians and everyone else in the C&NN movement to get it out there and get it used.” John Thielbar

From quick skim it looks brill – well done” Chalmers Smith

“Perfect reading after a fab day spent outdoors at An Creagan” Kierna Corr

Thank you – an inspirational resource. Long may you continue to get us out there! :)” Fiona Hamilton

Read my own copy sitting in the sun on Saturday morning in my garden. I’m inspired! Well Done Juliet and thank you for this invaluable tool.” Marian Cairns

“It’s brilliant!! Well done! I’m on chapter 4 already!” Sarah Occleston

“It looks absolutely amazing! Well done! I hope this won’t be your only book! I’m already pre ordering any further outdoor books! The paper DOES feel amazing! And the photos etc are beautiful! I love the Kindle but this is a definite must have book, not Kindle book! I’m reading it last bit of it right now sitting at Starbucks on Buchannan Street Glasgow, listening to bagpipes in the sun! Bliss!Sharon Alexander

It’s as good as the reviews suggested.” Alison Meaton

Totally inspired by Dirty Teaching – arrived yesterday and up to ch.3 wishing I could be in my school grounds today! Superb  ” Sarah Smith

The book is an excellent tool and guide…” Alison Cush

“Dirty Teaching by is superb! Crammed with ideas and stunning photos that’ll have you reaching for your wellies!” Nick Tiley-Nunn

Already inspired by . Not just primary but something for all ages. Top read from David Gwillam

Your book is packed with insights like ‘ooh, ah, ugh’. Re-invigorated seeing my familiar as unfamiliar. Thnx!” Mark Whitcombe 

Loving ‘s new book. Had a fab outdoor learning week this week but now inspired to take it further with this.” Kat M

“It’s a great read, so many new ideas and I love the way it makes you think about how the activities could be adapted x” Mindy Pickering

“Mine arrived today and it’s fabulous. Just what I need for setting up outdoor teaching at Craigtoun country park.” Morag Loneran

I have to say it is simply wonderful! A dip in, dip out, read for pleasure, insight, inspiration and just to remind yourself that there are some beautifully talented people out there….and the design is fab! I just keep wanting to pick it up and read some more. Brings a smile to your face as you imagine your children getting so much pleasure from being dirty, learning .” Sarah Blackwell

Nearly finished my copy already. The way it is set out suits my reading style. I have some great new ideas and revisited activities I have done on the past.” Michaela Worthington

A couple of reviews can also be found on the Project Dirt website and Our Flower Patch.

Lily's photo

Thanks to Lily Rowe-Horseman of Kindling Training

 Finally, thanks to the wonderful Jo Phillip who sent in the “Read to Me Under a Tree” photo at the top of the blog post. This is a project she set up with Essex libraries: “We took their old books and put them in bags around the parks. The inspiration came from asking teachers for a childhood school memory. They said their teacher reading to them under a tree!

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