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20 October 2012 · 0 comments

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This past month I have had a companion in the shape of a book. It’s been with me to Perth, Surrey, Fife, Edinburgh, Derbyshire, London and Blackpool. I’m in that bad habit of having about 20 books sitting beside my bed in various stages of being read. But this one has been easy to dip in and out of. It’s a soothing book. It is so soothing that I had to have a Kindle copy as well as a paperback version. It is Fed Up with Frenzy.

I know I’m in a particularly chaotic phase if I haven’t read a book from cover to cover for a while. At the moment I’m on a double down dip as my house looks like a bomb sight. I have magic white board sheets spread around the kitchen, accounts and receipts covering the dining room, clothes scattered in the living room and I rarely dare even go up the stairs as I’m scared about what I’ll find. Or there again I won’t find it. There is too much mess. Even a burglar would think he’s arrived too late.

So this book is a nice antidote to all this madness. It is not a stress-busting book but a gentle reminder of the good times to be had when we focus on nature activities, or enjoy seasonal and cultural celebrations with our families – social together time. The teacher-within-me is already plotting and planning to make good use of these ideas next term too as the autumn festivals and celebrations really start to kick off big time. Oops there’s a uncontrolled moment of frenzy kicking in. I’m so sorry.

The book is helping me to ignore my house and concentrate on the healthier things in life such as how to make a magic wand (I hope it works), cheap ways of making glitter (which will be a lovely alternative and colourful approach to salting the driveway in the winter), reminders about the sheer variety of playground games beyond the traditional and best of all, a recipe for soft pretzels. We don’t do decent pretzels here in the UK (does anywhere outwith Pennsylvania?). This is my weekend recipe treat and a surprise for my family.

For those of you who don’t know about the author, Suz Lipman, then take a peek at her Slow Family Online blog – it’s been on the RH column of this blog for the past 3 years. I first got to know her via the Children and Nature Network website as the sunny person who keeps this and other social media channels running smoothly for this proactive organisation. What is lovely is that she does do all this stuff and the book definitely reflects her blog. There’s an interview on the Play Equals Peace blog with Suz if you want to find out more.

Also this post is part of a large “blog tour” with many bloggers reviewing and sharing our thoughts about the book. The full list can be seen here of folk who have been up for this idea of bringing the book “to a screen near you.” At a quick flick, there’s quite a few different thoughts.

Finally, I’m giving away my paper copy. It’s a wee bit thumbed but if you’d enjoy reading it, then let me know by posting a comment below or on the Facebook page or Twitter @CreativeSTAR. It will be decided the old-fashioned way of pulling numbers out of a hat.

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