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30 March 2010 · 0 comments

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I have seen a lot of children’s gardening books in my time. Many of them are very good and Kids in the Garden is up there with the best. I reckon it’s the children’s gardening book of 2010.

This is what I particularly liked:

  1. Using organic methods, reusing waste materials and taking account of “green” issues is incorporated into all aspects of the book without moralising or making a big deal of these matters. For example how to compost, mulch, save seeds and garden for wildlife are covered. A diversity of plants is also advocated such as growing different types of beans or tomatoes, etc.
  2. There are some clever ideas – using a buried teapot to provide a home for bees and a planting plan for a square foot garden with a trellis are two I particularly liked.
  3. The book is suitable for adults who work with children or for older children. The photos are bright and attractive, the layout clear and easy to read. My only gripe here is the omission of an index at the back of the book. There are facts and quizzes and jokes which all enhance the advice.
  4. The projects are very doable. They are based around plants to grow and recipes in which to use them. For pre-school settings and schools who want to make the connection between the “plot and the plate” then this book is a “must buy”. Snack time will never taste so good! A good example here is “beetroot brownies.”

The whole book is a motivational read. It promotes gardening as interesting, enjoyable and doable by all. Time to don the gardening gloves and get going…

Finally, just to let you know, I’ve created a new Listmania on Amazon: Early Years Plants and Gardening Stories. Any suggestions to add to the list are welcome.

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