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Outdoor Maths on Facebook

17 April 2017
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Join the conversation!

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The Woodland Project – Please Vote

27 March 2017

One vote, big difference

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Outdoor Learning & Play News

7 June 2016
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Check out the monthly round up!

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A Night at the Movies

26 March 2016

The “must-watch” outdoor movies

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Rewilding – Why the wolf in sheep’s clothing?

10 October 2015
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Do you know what rewilding means?

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Please vote for “Dirty Teaching” in the People’s Book Prize

17 May 2015
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Please can you spare a few minutes to register for the People’s Book Prize and vote for Dirty Teaching? The book has made it into the final and needs as many votes as possible between now and Wednesday 27th May. Any help you can give in spreading the word would be much appreciated. It’s the only […]

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Halfway There

29 March 2015
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Over 5 weeks have passed and it’s hard to believe that I’m more than halfway through my time working in Australia. I’ve had the privilege of working in Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Australia Capital Territory (ACT).

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Open Courses 2015

6 January 2015
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It’s a new  year here in Scotland and lots is happening already. I’m receiving a lot of enquiries for various work and also requests about where to find me training. I rarely run open courses because of the level of admin and behind-the-scenes-work required. However a number of organisations do book me and then open up the […]

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Blogging and The Trap of Assumptions

29 December 2014
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Recently I listened to Jonathan Freedland’s Radio 4 programme, The Long View, where the subject of Victorian diaries and social media was being discussed. It was comparing the boom in the keeping of personal diaries in the Victorian Era to our use of social media today. There was a good mix of opinions which got me thinking about […]

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Thank You Cornwall

14 October 2014
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Recently I took the opportunity to have a professional learning week in Cornwall. By this, I mean that I made time to meet people and visit organisations which I would not normally have time to do. I learned more about their work with children outdoors and we shared experiences. The idea is really very similar to […]

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Dirty Teaching Update

9 July 2014
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“We all know children need to get out more. They need more exercise, more real-life experiences, more opportunities to connect with the natural world. Their physical and mental health depend upon it, and so does their cognitive development. `Dirty Teaching` is a timely and powerful pedagogical text – inspiring, exciting, enlightening. It’s also highly accessible […]

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Happy Birthday Website

3 July 2014
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This new website is one year old today. It was the merging of my old Blogger “I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!” blog with my formal Creative STAR Learning website. I’m extremely grateful to Karen Wilde of Wildely Creative for her tireless work doing this and for her behind the scenes work this past […]

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Dirty Teaching – The Book is Published

19 June 2014
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Today, Dirty Teaching: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Outdoors is finally published. At the weekend, a few people who were attending Tom Bedard’s Sand and Water Tables workshop, kindly showed me where they could be found reading the book…

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Dirty Teaching – A Book Review by Sue Falch-Lovesey

31 May 2014
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Dirty Teaching: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Outdoors has finally gone to print. It will be published on June 19th. The online version will come out after that. I’d like to apologise publicly for such a string of delays. The decision to include photos and create a colourful book meant that it took longer than expected. […]

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Emporium of Dangerous Ideas Event – Take a Walk on the Wild Side

28 April 2014
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Exciting news! The Real David Cameron and myself have joined together to offer a one-day course. Combining our skills we are inviting you to join us for a Walk on the Wild Side on Sunday 8th June. This course is part of The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas which runs from 6th-18th June 2014. It will be a heady […]

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An Independent 2014?

2 January 2014
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Time to vote on it.

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500 Blog Posts!

16 November 2013
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Happy Blog Day for I’m a Teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!

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The Potential of a New Year

30 December 2012
The Star

We all bear some responsibility for the state of the planet.

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Book Giveaway – Mission:Explore – Food

27 August 2012
Mission:Explore - Food

Mission:Explore – Food is definitely a guerrilla geography guide to food.

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Early Years Blogs – An Outdoor Thank You

11 August 2012
The Star

Some of the best outdoor learning blogs and a big thank you!

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UK Blogs are Recognised

30 May 2012
EdBlog Awards

It’s the second year of the Edublog awards.

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The Outdoor Clothing Box is Being Trialled

25 April 2012
Outdoor Clothing Box

Children’s feedback includes more than you might expect.

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2012: Out with the Old and in with the New!

16 January 2012
The Star

A new year, a new website.

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Going Freelance

12 January 2012
The Star

Is it really worth it? What does it involve?

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Try Before you Buy

4 January 2012
Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor clothing for children and practitioners.

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Education Scotland Outdoor Learning Resource

17 November 2011
Outdoor Learning LTS

This is the blog post I’ve been wanting to write for months.

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Happy Blog Day

14 August 2011
The Star

Happy 3rd Birthday to I’m a Teacher, Get Me OUTSIDE here!

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2010 – I Blinked and it was Gone!

7 January 2011
The Star

I have searched everywhere indoors and out yet it seems to have passed in the blink of an eye.

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The Top Ten of 2010

4 January 2011
The Star

For 2010, the most popular posts on my blog were…

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Creative STAR on Facebook

9 April 2010
The Star


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Delicious News

28 March 2010
The Star

Word clouds from Delicious.

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2009 – A Review

3 January 2010
Pebble Star

2009 was a great year for outdoor learning.

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I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!

8 October 2009

Creative STAR featured on RWLP postcards.

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Schools out!

19 April 2009
The Star

What would you like to see by 2050?

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