10 Outdoor Ideas Series

Need a few ideas to get going with learning and playing outside? Then this section is for you. It’s a load of themes and suggestions to whet your appetite and help you remember the joy of being outside as a child. Whilst many of the posts may feel play-based and aimed at younger children, with a little tweaking you can provide a challenging investigation for an older class. Time to take a deep breath of fresh air… and teach outdoors!

10 Puddle Play Investigations

23 February 2013
Puddle Play

10 ideas for science outdoors investigating puddles.

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10 Reasons Why Teachers Like Learning Outdoors in Scotland

16 February 2013

What is your experience of learning outdoors?

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12 Tough Outdoor Resources for Play and Learning

2 February 2013
Play Resources

Play resources need to be able to take a knock if they’re used every day.

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Shadow Play – 10 Ideas

29 January 2013
Shadow Play

One of the best things about winter are the bright, cold, cloudless days. They are perfect for investigating shadows.

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7 Listening Activities Outside

17 January 2010
The Star

What can be heard? Where is it from? Can you make a slug dance?

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