Reflective Activities

Back to School? 10 Reasons to Get Outside the First Week Back

8 August 2017
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Simple ideas, minimal planning

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Well Dressing in Derbyshire – A Nature Art Custom

1 June 2016
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A village custom and a perfect outdoor art idea

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Valentine’s Day: Love Your Grounds & Green Your Heart

9 February 2016
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Find out children’s thoughts about their playspaces

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Must a triangle always have straight sides?

31 January 2016
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A geometric investigation

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Another Place in 2016

2 January 2016
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Being uprooted brings its challenges

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Love Locks and School Leaver Locks

7 October 2015
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A leaver’s legacy from a school visit to Paris

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Feathers – 10 Ideas

16 September 2015

Coloured feathers, wild bird feathers, tickly feathers galore!

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10 Ideas for Exploring Big Boulders

7 July 2015
The star

A much-loved feature by children of all ages

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25 November 2014
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Nine years ago I planted a holly tree in front of my house. It has grown slowly but steadily and now stands at about 2m tall. Last winter I was delighted to discover that it was a female tree. There were three berries on it. This did surprise me because there are no holly trees that […]

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Autumn Memory Mobile

12 October 2014

Recently I was visiting the The Lost Gardens of Heligan. In the entrance, was the beautiful hanging decoration. Upon closer inspection, it contained a range of autumn finds:

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Vestige – The Mirror People

17 September 2014
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The Mirror People

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The Biblical Garden

11 August 2014
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A couple of months ago, I was passing through Elgin and took the opportunity to visit the Biblical Garden, which is the only one of its kind in Scotland. Having never visited before, I was rather intrigued to find out more.  They are known for housing some or all of the plants mentioned in the Bible. […]

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The Pansy Project

18 May 2014
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There is something very poignant about seeing a single flower, such as the image of a red poppy at Flander’s Field and knowing its role in Remembrance Sunday and its story associated with The Great War. Over the years, flowers have become associated with different causes. There is the Snowdrop Appeal which fundraises for units to […]

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The Clootie Tree

19 April 2014
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Recently I visited the Kagyu Samye Ling Buddhist Monastery and World Centre for Peace and Health. Whilst walking around the Peace Garden, I came across the Clootie Tree. It was impossible to ignore such was the blaze of colour and vibrancy even on that dull, overcast day.

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Buddhist Prayer Flags

12 April 2014
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As a Scottish primary teacher, I have to teach Religious and Moral Education which includes learning about other religions, not simply Christianity. Often people wonder how religious education can undertaken outdoors. It is easy to forget that the main world religions pre-date our obsession with indoor education by many centuries. Many religions and key religious texts […]

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Daffodil Stories and Celebrations

15 March 2014
Daffodil Principle

Ways to welcome the daffodils appearance

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A Crocus Labyrinth

5 March 2014
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When the crocus appears, it’s a positive indication that spring is on its way. Snowdrop is the lead flower in letting us know that winter’s days are numbered. But crocus is the follower that affirms the decision of snowdrop to rear its head above the snow. Snowdrop may kickstart the spring party but it’s the […]

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Celebrate the Wonder of Nature with a Byrd Baylor Book

18 February 2014
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One of my favourite children’s authors is Byrd Baylor. Her open-ended books make ideal springboards to many outdoor activities. They challenge the readers to investigate the statements in her stories for themselves. She writes beautifully about fostering a deep connection to the landscape which values simplicity and nature. Byrd does this in a way that children just […]

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10 Ways to Listen, Tune In and Simply Be

14 January 2014
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Relax, look, feel and listen. Really, really listen.

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Make a Wish for 2014

30 December 2013
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A resolution with hope 🙂

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A Maths Stick Picture Game

30 April 2013

Sticks, children and maths outdoors are the perfect combination for learning!

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Zen Gardens – A Reflection

9 January 2013
Zen Gardens

When creating a dry-landscape garden, spontaneity and experimentation are part of the process.

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New Year – New Perceptions

4 January 2013
Upside Down


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An 80-year old nature diary

8 August 2012
80 year old nature diary

A fascinating record.

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Labyrinths, spirals and rope

17 March 2012

Amazing mazes, labyrinths and mythical creatures.

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Thinking Outside the Box

15 December 2011
The Star

I have a drawer which makes plastic box lids disappear.

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Wearing fun thinking hats

13 December 2011
The Star

I wear more than one hat…

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A rope trail for everyone

15 June 2011
Rope Trails

An old climbing rope is a wonderful resource and here it was used to good effect.

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18 October 2010

The approach aims to promote discussion and create links and understanding between children’s lives and the place that they live.

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A Silent Walk at The Coombes School

25 August 2010
Coombes School Silent Walk

Philosophical enquiry skills can be developed with children at any age and stage.

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Welcome Back to School – An Outdoor Circle Time

17 August 2010
Circle Time

Ideas for Circle Time as we gear up for the new school year.

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A-maze-ing labyrinths at The Coombes School

28 July 2010
Coombes School Maze

A labyrinth has been adopted as the school’s symbol.

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7 Listening Activities Outside

17 January 2010
The Star

What can be heard? Where is it from? Can you make a slug dance?

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Learning Paths

7 December 2009
The Star

Paths represent our physical, spiritual and emotional journeys through life.

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