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Pokémon Go – 7 Game-changing Approaches to Learning Outside

15 January 2017
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Developing a love of local wildlife

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St Andrew’s Day – 10 Outdoor Celebrations

22 October 2016
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Celebrate Scotland’s National Day – Outside!

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A Red Rose Hunt for Valentine’s Day

3 February 2016
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A love-ly idea

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A Visit to Bennachie

11 December 2015
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I recently accompanied my daughter’s Primary 2/3 class on a trip to Bennachie, a Forestry Commission Scotland forest just outside Inverurie. It was such a rewarding experience to see how much the children enjoyed themselves and to hear comments like “That was the best day ever” on our journey back to the school. The trip […]

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Uffington White Horse – Inspiration for Chalk Figures

14 November 2015
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A visit to this chalkscape inspires a child

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Love Locks and School Leaver Locks

7 October 2015
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A leaver’s legacy from a school visit to Paris

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Fish Net Art

1 October 2015
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Robust outdoor art which can withstand all weathers

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The Kelpies

16 February 2015
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It is impossible to ignore The Kelpies. These huge sculptures immediately attract your attention when driving past Falkirk on the M9 motorway. Finally Scotland has a piece of roadside public art with a “wow” factor. They are unmissable, unforgettable and very, very horsey. The sculptures are located beside the Union Canal. Each horse weighs around […]

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Lithuania – Ideas Gathered from my Visit

4 September 2014
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There is nothing like a visit to a new or different place to refresh and inspire one’s practice. The mundane suddenly becomes far more interesting and the mind begins to tick with new possibilities. For example, outdoor beanbags are quite common in UK nurseries. But I loved the size and robustness of these lakeside bags […]

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The Weather Vanes of Nida

31 August 2014
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Most weather vanes are basic affairs. They are an arrow which points in the direction of the wind and with the compass directions at the bottom. The designs are usually fairly traditional stuff. All-in-all, my excitement levels about weather vanes has never been particularly high. My visit to Nida in Lithuania changed my mind. This pretty […]

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Peg Loom Seats

7 August 2014
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Several years ago I blogged about peg loom weaving. This may not seem obviously outdoorsy but it is. The looms are simple to use and any long strands can be woven through the pegs including plastic bags, long grasses, plant stems and gathered wool. The looms are very portable and can be taken outside and […]

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Digital Landscape Sketching

8 December 2013
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Notebook app works well

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Skulls and Bones

15 September 2013
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An irreplaceable way of learning about animals.

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Beautiful Miniature Worlds

16 August 2013
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The potential & possibilities of mini worlds for children of all ages

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Best in the Show

6 August 2013
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Outdoor ideas abound from the Turriff Show

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Mission:Explore celebrates John Muir

10 April 2013

A unique set of ‘missions’ has been created to inspire people to follow in the footsteps of John Muir.

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Does Money Grow on Trees?

23 March 2013

If this arises as a topic of conversation, little children may wish to see if they can find ways of making a money tree.

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Northumberlandia – From Landform to Landscapes

12 March 2013
Landform Art

Design processes used in art and landform architecture can be useful in developing school grounds.

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The Beauty of Bamboo

16 January 2013

Bamboo grows like a weed in Japan but also makes over 2000 products.

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Zen Gardens – A Reflection

9 January 2013
Zen Gardens

When creating a dry-landscape garden, spontaneity and experimentation are part of the process.

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Making Rosehip Syrup

23 October 2012
Rosehip Syrup

How to make and the history of the classic autumn syrup.

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A Very Berry Harvest

4 October 2012
Very Berry Harvest

Most religious festivals began when our ancestors spent more time outdoors.

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A Journey to the Heart of Place

30 June 2012
Drove Roads

Creative Journeys Initiative brings you A Journey to the Heart of Place.

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Operation Bearings: Top Secret

18 June 2011
Operation Bearings

WWII spy training!

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Weathering and Cracks

23 January 2011
Weathering and Cracks

Change is happening all around us. Natural processes are constantly at work.

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What do you do when you don’t know what to do outdoors?

12 November 2010
History Outdoors

What and how can one teach a large class outside?

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18 October 2010

The approach aims to promote discussion and create links and understanding between children’s lives and the place that they live.

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Urban tracking

12 October 2010
Urban Tracking

“Tracking is the ultimate extension of awareness.”

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An Outdoor Tea Towel

12 August 2010
Tea Towel

Fund raisers were always interesting.

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Doves – Celebrating Journeys

5 August 2010

Before the doves were released, every child held a dove.

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Walking the Drove Roads – A Journey to the Heart of Place

1 July 2010
Drove Roads Journeys

A special journey.

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20 February 2010
The Star

The Geography Collective launch an inspirational book.

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