The Junk Orchestra at Broadford Primary

27 October 2013
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Recycled musical instruments

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Are We Digital Natives from a Different Era?

23 October 2013
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Different age, same issues and concerns

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Den Building

18 September 2013
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Skills for learning, life and work

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Phlip-ing Photos

20 August 2013
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Turns any photo into a puzzle.

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Eye Painting

12 August 2013
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Use this app to paint with your eye not your fingers

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House of Fun

22 July 2013
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Loose Parts + A Climbing Frame = A House of Fun

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Colour Vacuum

13 July 2013
Colour Vacuum Dandelion

How to make colour searches more sophisticated using the Colour Vacuum app.

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Skitch Those Water Wall Designs

28 June 2013
Funky Water Wall

There’s no point in having an iPad it you don’t use it.

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Wood Logs and Lumps in Schools

8 June 2013
Wood Logs in School

In recent years moveable wooden disks, logs and planks have begun to make an appearance.

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Seafood Investigations

31 May 2013
Seafood Platter

With seafood, there’s a lot leftover in terms of shells, heads and other body parts, perfect for class!

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Investigating Symmetry Outdoors Using Photo Booth

24 May 2013
Symmetry and Reflections

Following up on challenges and activities to further develop children’s core skills.

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Park Benches and Staring at Screens

21 May 2013
London Parks

London parks are oases of calm and contemplation amidst the busy background hum of traffic and other ongoing noise.

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Plant ID in a Parallel Universe

18 May 2013

Creating a “Top Trumps” type of database appeals to some children. Points can be awarded based on the plants characteristics.

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Photo Booth Outside

11 May 2013
Photo Booth

Getting swirly and twirly with Photo Booth.

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Make a Kite by Re-using Plastic Bags, Etc.

4 May 2013
Making a Kite

Making a kite from waste materials – science, design and maths in action.

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How to Make a Seed Bomb

13 April 2013
Seed Bomb

Making and setting seed bombs is a great way to get kids planting!

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Making a Zip Wire

7 April 2013
How to make a zip wire

Experimenting with ropes, pulleys, tyres and more to make a zip wire.

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When Trikes are Not Enough

26 February 2013
Trikes are not enough

Washing a trike is all when and good but sometimes it’s just not enough!

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A Hammock Made Out of a Tarp

19 February 2013

Turning tarps into hammocks is the equivalent of a gym session outdoors!

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Open-Ended Props in the Snow

5 February 2013
Snow Play

Providing a few small open-ended props can lead to a variety of different play based upon each child’s interests.

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Teach-IT Outdoors Evaluated

31 January 2013
Teach-IT Outdoors

Teach-IT Outdoors has been evaluated by researcher Sandra McKechan.

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DIY Woolly Welly Warmers

23 January 2013
Welly Warmers

Wellies keep feet dry but not often as warm as we’d like our toes to be!

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The Beauty of Bamboo

16 January 2013

Bamboo grows like a weed in Japan but also makes over 2000 products.

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The Potential of a New Year

30 December 2012
The Star

We all bear some responsibility for the state of the planet.

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The Bunk Shack – Palettes in their Place!

28 November 2012
Bunk Shack

Small outdoor spaces inspired by local history.

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The Inside-Out Woolly Tree

25 November 2012
Woolly Tree

Guerilla knitters and yarn bombing.

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Art, Design, Maths and Playground Markings

20 November 2012
Formula for Living Bloor

Playground markings that aren’t your average hopscotch or alphabet snake.

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Pallets for Re-Purposing and Play

17 November 2012
Pallets repurposed

Pallets are perfect for repurposing into so many things…just a few ideas.

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Making Rosehip Syrup

23 October 2012
Rosehip Syrup

How to make and the history of the classic autumn syrup.

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Swings and Things in the Glamis Adventure Playground

12 October 2012
Glamis Adventure Playground Swings

There are 13 different types of swing at this playground.

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Word Cloud Possibilities Outside

5 July 2010
Blog Wordle

Which words would your wordle have?

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Nettle Soup – An Earth Day Recipe (better late than never)

25 April 2010
Nettle Soup

Picking nettles can be fascinating for children.

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Let’s go fly a kite

14 April 2010
Fly a Kite

There’s a subtle to art to flying a kite.

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How to make a felt outdoor seat

19 February 2010

For keeping bottom’s warm outdoors!

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