May is a Busy Month – Online Courses Happening!

3 May 2017 · 0 comments

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This is an informational blog – I’m currently involved in two courses and both are equally exciting for different reasons:


We all know the magic of a good story – whether it is to calm a group and help them focus, to inspire narrative led play or even to help facts and figures stick in their brains. But many of us feel less confident at oral story telling, even though we know the benefits – Picture may tell a 1000 words yet stories give us a 1000 pictures.

Chris has just created a video based, month by month storytelling training course with the added bonus of all the stories being connected to outdoor learning activities, games and challenges.  There’s curriculum links, hand drawn storyboards, tips and tricks. Whilst there is a fee, you can trial a a free month sample course with the opportunity to have 20% off The Year Course if you enrol in May. It is clear that Chris has put a lot of time and effort into creating this and it’s clear and easy-to-follow.

Chris is the author of the playful hands on guidebook to nature connection I Love my World which is a much-loved book. He’s created a Facebook group for the course too, so you can share ideas, ask questions and so on.



This is a free, participative MOOSC course that lasts 4 weeks and has been EU funded. The aim is to get children and educators sharing ideas online around a series of outdoor themes using a variety of different digital tools. It began 2 days ago so please sign up and join in. Themes include: creating trails, wild writing, art in the environment and science outdoors.

Both of the above are ideal in terms of stimulating thoughts and possible celebration for Outdoor Classroom Day on Thursday 18th May.

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