Emporium of Dangerous Ideas Event – Take a Walk on the Wild Side

28 April 2014 · 0 comments

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Exciting news!

The Real David Cameron and myself have joined together to offer a one-day course. Combining our skills we are inviting you to join us for a Walk on the Wild Side on Sunday 8th June. This course is part of The Emporium of Dangerous Ideas which runs from 6th-18th June 2014. It will be a heady mix of practical ideas and big thinking around the nitty gritty of leadership at all levels and ways of fostering and developing this within an educational context! We would love you to come along. Sign up here.

It’s suitable for any educator or enthusiast/supporter/partner provider because it is aimed at making real sense of what leadership means for ourselves and the children and young people with whom we work.
Please do share this course with others who may be interested. It’s rare that either of us run an open event, so it’s an opportunity not to be missed. 



A one-day course for educators and those who work with the education sector. We will use the local landscape to consider the issues and challenges of leadership for learning.



Does the landscape affect leadership in schools? The question refers both to issues associated with the physical landscape and to the context in which we work. This will be an opportunity to think about how can we make the most of an outdoor environment for learning. More importantly, it will use the amazing landscape of Falkland Estate to raise questions about how we deal with the challenges of leading a school and enabling others, including children and young people, to be leaders. We want to make these questions and challenges real and memorable by tackling them in a beautiful and fascinating environment. Leadership involves setting directions, making choices and resolving dilemmas. It involves reacting to contexts and communities and the same leadership choices don’t always work equally well. This is a chance to explore all of this while learning about an estate which is challenging the perceptions of sustainability, land ownership and community empowerment?

You will be challenged, but not overstretched or intimidated. You will walk around 3 miles, picnic, talk, listen, learn, make decisions and reflect in what we think will be very good company. Indeed, if you go down to the woods this day, we think you will surprise yourself…


For those of you who don’t know David – he is a presenter, trainer and consultant in all areas of education and children’s services but is particularly in demand for his work on creativity, curriculum and learning right across the world. He is regarded as an inspirational and entertaining presenter and a highly engaging and effective facilitator. David has been a key figure in national developments in Scotland for many years. He was Director of Children’s Services in Stirling Council and is currently a trustee for Learning through Landscapes, the UK school grounds charity.


For the past three years, I’ve been quietly facilitating leadership and management training courses for the Early Years sector in Aberdeen City. As with most matters, there’s never enough time to write about all that I get up when I’m not in front of the screen blogging!


Join the Real David Cameron and myself for a walk on the wild side through Falkland Estate in Fife, Sunday 8th June, 9.30 – 3.30pm. Cost £95 per person. Price includes a light lunch and refreshments.  Book your ticket here.


Walking is also an ambulation of the mind.” Gretel Ehrlich

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