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With the summer holidays here, the sun shining over Scotland and the Commonwealth Games starting this week, I thought it might be fun to share some water games and activities devised by Early Years Practitioners on a course a couple of months ago.

After all there nothing like developing a few fringe sporting activities to accompany the real games… and like every fringe event, these were definitely different and child-friendly…

First up was the traditional game of walking along and trying to balance a cup of water on your head without spilling it all over yourself. Quite a challenge even for adults. Below, the group was making a water run from loose parts – check the solar shower water storage – just right for hanging off a tree!

The Funest Game of All

If you have a few shells then trying to throw these into buckets of water can be a serious business. I like the idea of transferring this activity to a beach… just saying…

Shell in bucket

The crystal tubes in the photo below are ideal for pouring games. How much of  a tube can you fill in a minute? The purple and yellow items are animal tubes covered with duck tape at one end – just right for filling up with water and then tipping out!

Fill 'em up

I’ve saved the best ’til last! Below is one of those games which just has to be experienced. It’s called “The Biggest Splash” and that’s just what you have to do. Find an object and drop it in the tin to make the biggest splash. Now that’s a bulls eye game with a difference!

The big splash

Many thanks to the Glasgow EY Partner Provider Practitioners on the Grounds for Learning course! I hope your children had a chance to try out some of these and invent their own games too.


PS I happened to be reading the Forest Education Initiative Facebook page and these was a lovely query about water fights. Here’s some of the suggestions that contributors made with some of my own additions:

  1. Create water bombs using balloons filled with water or sponges
  2. Large syringes are a lot of fun
  3. Make a water slide – Pin a big tarp to the ground, add biodegradable washing up liquid to make the surface really slippery
  4. Don’t forget about splash pools made from tarp and tyres
  5. Enjoy this game with a bucket of water and a taut tarp
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Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) July 29, 2014 at 19:01

Such nice activities! We are always playing the cup on head! My 4 yr old son just did it without me teaching him. He probably got it from school =) #countrykids


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