Count Down to Outdoor Classroom Day – Win a Cosy Resource Each Day

10 May 2017 · 0 comments

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Exciting news! As you are no doubt aware, I’ve really got into Outdoor Classroom Day this year and picking up on this enthusiasm, so have Cosy – the education company that specialises in outdoor learning and play.

As from Thursday 11th May, Cosy are offering via their social media platforms, a free resource giveaway each day. This is how it works:

  1. Each day a resource will be featured on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  2. To be in with a chance, you must “like” the photo and share it.
  3. Names will be drawn randomly and the winner announced the following day. You need to be living and working in a school or early years setting in the UK and Northern Ireland.
  4. There is one resource per day being given away for FREE. Check out the list below…

Thur 11th May Extendable Pipes These are a much-loved resource by children of all ages. Check out this blog post for more information.

Fri 12th May  Steering wheels – 4pk. Many children love using steering wheels in their play. I’m also seeing various setting buy them and attach to different objects as can be seen below at Tiptoes Nursery.

Sat 13th  May Wheeled Wooden Crate  These are lovely crates on wheels.

Sun 14th May ref  Posh mud pie set – This is not just any mud pie set, this is a posh one.

Mon 15th May  0-20 number stepping stones – a Cosy classic rustic resource.

Tues 16th May   Large Wooden Tens Frames – big and beautiful.

Wed 17th May  H-crates – 6pk I’ve blogged about this amazing resource here. Every setting that has them, loves them.

Thur 18th May 30356 Corner Playhouse – a space for one or two children to be alone and to enjoy the peace.

Please let others know about this amazing opportunity. Oh and don’t forget to sign up and join in Outdoor Classroom Day on 18th May. For 10 good reasons to do so, see this blog post.

PS I work for Cosy on a part-time basis at the moment and did get to choose these giveaways 🙂

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