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29 March 2015 · 0 comments

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Over 5 weeks have passed and it’s hard to believe that I’m more than halfway through my time working in Australia. I’ve had the privilege of working in Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Australia Capital Territory (ACT).

Canberra 1

The photos in this blog post come from the Canberra course as, for once, I remembered to take some photos! A rare thing!

Canberra 5

After one more session in Sydney on Monday I’m staying on for a couple of days before heading over to Perth and exploring Western Australia. Again, the first 9 days will be a holiday. I’m looking forward to meeting old school friends and newer virtual friends. It is without doubt that the Internet and social media sites have  effectively changed the way someone like myself lives and works.

Canberra 3

In two weeks time I’m moving on to New Zealand. Years ago whilst studying a geomorphology unit at university, our core textbook was from New Zealand. The photos captivated me – snow topped mountains and the sheer beauty and scale of the landscape left me enchanted and curious. So to see these textbook mountains for real will be a long-held dream come true.

Canberra 6

 Meanwhile, I continue to be impressed by the Australian educators I meet everywhere. The levels of interest in getting children outside are high. The quality of the naturalised outdoor spaces in long day care settings is super and, speaking honestly, leaves Scotland and much of England in its wake. I feel welcomed and well-looked after wherever I go.

Canberra 9

So I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. Owing to the sheet busyness of my schedule, the travelling and simply keeping abreast of the ongoing emails, work and other contracts that I’m involved with in Scotland, I’ve been left with very little time to blog in the way I want to.

I look forward to the remainder of my time here. If you are living near Perth (11th April) or in New Zealand (14th, 16th and 18th April) and wish to attend the courses I’m offering then please contact Inspired EC.

Canberra 4

Finally, to those who’ve asked if I’ll be back… then… (speaking in a loud whisper) I will be the keynote presenter in the Inspired EC Pedagogy in Nature Conferences 2016 which take place in October and November 2016. Just don’t tell Tash and Nicole, I’ve let the cat out of the bag! Or the cockatoo out of the cage! Or the seeds out of the pine cone!

Canberra 7

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