I’m going to break with tradition here and discuss an indoor idea I saw when delivering a workshop at The Tree House Nursery today. I reckon there’s plenty of potential for outdoor versions.

Meet the staff who came up with the idea. They work with babies who tend to crawl or spend a lot of time at floor level. So as well as having low level displays on walls like this one, they decided it would be fun to have displays that babies can walk and crawl over:

The theme at the moment is the beach. The children’s work has been covered in sticky backed plastic. Sand had been put in mounds on the floor for the children to investigate as well. The children used their feet to make sand prints near the entrance to the room:

Other materials have also been used to make floor displays. Here’s some sandy glittery CDs. If you look at the photo, you can see they have been placed near three different carpets providing different textures and colours in a small space:

I particularly liked the entrance to the outdoor area. The floor display was about the children’s gardening experiences:

Many of the floor displays had photos of the children. Often the children stop and talk about the children in the photos.

I have seen children’s mosaics outside and patterns of stones and beads worked into the ground. But I liked the idea that using the floor as additional display space is a clever idea of making the most of what space you have. I’d be interested to know of any other clever display ideas that use the floor or ground.

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jenny June 7, 2010 at 09:16

I used to do this with the babies when I worked in a nursery, although not as well! I just used to stick pictures cut from magazines of animals or human faces to the floor with clear contact paper. The little ones loved them.


Juliet Robertson June 7, 2010 at 21:42

That’s just what the babies do in this nursery – some even try and kiss the pictures of themselves and their friends!


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