Grounds for a relationship

29 September 2008 · 0 comments

in Developing School Grounds & Outdoor Spaces

Applying for funding to improve your school grounds is like joining a dating agency. Take a moment to compare the similarities:

  1. You take a deep breath and decide you need to develop a relationship (school grounds) and make enquires about which dating agency (funding grant).
  2. You create your profile (grant application form). For both you require a GSOH as you have to write it in ways which someone else will find appealing.
  3. You wait, fingers crossed.
  4. The first person (grant committee) decides you are not quite his “type” – no offence. In grant speak, phrases such as “lack of socio-economic deprivation” or another factor is given as the excuse.
  5. You try again (go to a different funding grant).
  6. Success! You have a date with a guy and it goes well (funding application approved, money on its way).
  7. On no! Your date tells you about his children and how he must see them every other night. Strings are attached to getting involved! In school grant terms this means there are strict financial deadlines and a complex way of having to submit receipts.
  8. The difficulties get ironed out. You go on several more dates and all is well. The grounds project gets going.
  9. Publicity – the guy tells his mates. You tell the press.
  10. You celebrate a successful outcome!

So, if you are a single teacher looking for a relationship, then why not undertake a school grounds development as practice for the dating game? For married teachers, regard it as the sensible equivalent to a fling (if you have a Not-so-GSOH).

As I mentioned in a previous entry, taking time to get to know your grounds all-year round pays dividends. This almost sounds like advice for going on a first date! Ahem!

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