I often get asked about how parents will view learning outdoors

There is no short answer to this query as there are many possibilities and options.

Operation Eco Allochy

At Inverallochy School, parents are kept fully informed about the playground and other outdoor activities through the “Operation Eco Allochy” newsletter. This is one of many strategies – my favourite is probably “Fit Like Fridays” where parents join in lessons and the children teach them new skills. The feedback from the parents on these sessions are incredibly positive.

Anyway, I’ve been given permission to share the content of the most recent 4-page newsletter. It gives you a good flavour of the care and thought the staff and children put into the newsletter. There’s lots of photos too.

Thanks to Inverallochy School for this guest blog post…

I’m sure you will agree, this newsletter is a very positive statement about the benefits of the developments happening at this village school. I really like that everyone at the last eco meeting overwhelmingly agreed that more trees were needed. These children clearly know what is needed in their school grounds! It’s also not the easiest location for trees to grow either – waterlogged ground within 150m of the sea.

The best ideas are always shared, eh? It would be lovely to hear of what other schools are up to.

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Kierna C March 2, 2013 at 11:16

What a great newsletter, extremely friendly yet so informative. I agree 100%, if parents are kept well informed they rarely, if ever, have any problems with risky play or being outdoors no matter what. Thanks again for sharing such a useful resource.


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