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15 December 2011 · 0 comments

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TGI Friday. All over Scotland, school staff and children are mopping their brows with relief that the first week is over. Only 186 school days until the summer holidays begin once more.

The weather welcomed everyone back with a wet vengeance. The smell of damp permeated my room all week, even when children were absent on Wednesday. I desperately wanted to escape outside but even I was thwarted by the instant drenching.

Amazingly cabin fever did not break out at school. The rain kindly stopped once and the children had an outdoor break.

Something rarely considered is the need for shade and shelter outside for children. Evergreen, the Canadian school grounds charity, and the Toronto District School Board EcoSchools team have joined forces have to tackle this issue. Rather than investing in sheds, shade sails or other man-made structures, they have a comprehensive free book which advises schools on how to save energy, increase biodiversity and provide shade and shelter through planting large native tree saplings. Oh yes – learning links are included too!

Want to know more? The book can be downloaded for FREE on the TDSB website. Scroll down the index to Guides and Publications. Check out all the other resources too!

Thanks TDSB EcoSchool. Definitely a TGI (Truly Great Idea)!

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