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4 July 2009 · 0 comments

in Developing School Grounds & Outdoor Spaces

This last week has been full of parties. I’ve attended a Chill Out Party at Ellon Primary School, a Rainbow Garden Party at Bervie School and a wonderful retirement do for Lorris, an iconic teacher at Kinellar school.

The reason for this party season is not midsummer celebrations. During the past year I have been a “RBS Supergrounds” adviser to a couple of Aberdeenshire schools. The Supergrounds project is interesting. The pluses include each school being given £4000 cash in installments and 4 days of my time to develop part (or all) of their grounds. The school also gets free Grounds for Learning membership for a year which gives them access to 100’s of downloadable advice sheets on every aspect of grounds development imaginable. The main downside is the time factor. The schools have just six months to plan, implement and pack up the project. So any ideas have to be doeable in this time frame.

Both schools have worked extraordinarily hard to complete the projects and the parties were the culmination of their efforts. I’ve included photos from Ellon School so that you can play “Spot the Difference”. There is something really satisfying about seeing a project come together like this. When I look back at my own time as a teacher, without a doubt the makeover of Achnasheen Primary school grounds is one of my very proud and happy memories. It’s also very empowering when children are truly involved and their ideas, effort and participation take over.

So with a sigh of contentment, I start my summer holidays. This blog may be quiet for a few weeks.

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