Curious Hat, a creative app development company, have been hard at work. I just discovered this lovely little app, Eye Paint Alphabet, which will help children explore their environment through colour and photos. Outside or in, it just adds a good level of challenge to children who already know how to take photos.


There are several apps all with a similar purpose. I picked the Alphabet one as I wanted to see what it was like. There are 26 characters and letters waiting to be used. In the above photo, I filled in each part of the character with a photo taken. You can see my dog’s fur looks rather good!


So after that trial, I went out and about in my local town to explore the possibilities. In the photo above, I photographed the bodywork of parked cars. This was very effective as there was a lot of uniform colour.


When young children get hold of a camera. They want to photograph their own thing. In the photo above, I took random shots. This is probably more realistic with a 3-year old who wants to explore the app in his or her own way.


It’s possible to do themed eye paintings too. In the photo above, it’s mainly sky photos I took.  In the photo below, I decided to create a Green Forest Monster. He’s quite well camouflaged.


Lastly, I visited the local park. Can you guess which playground equipment has been photographed? Probably not! The background was a slide, the red belongs to a litter bin. The rest come from a climbing frame.

At this point, you need to know, there’s some other features. First of all you can layer photos. There’s a button that allows you to use your finger to create ‘gap’ in one photo. When you take another photo this infills the gap. Have a look below at my finger line on the left hand side.

Alpha H
Also, if you tap on the letter, the solid colour disappears leaving some dots. You can write over the dots as you learn about letter formation. There’s no little arrows, so be aware that some guidance for little children may be needed here.

I hope this helps! I’m interested always to hear about any other apps you think have great potential for helping children explore the world around them.

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Coombe Mill - Fiona August 16, 2013 at 08:35

What a fun applications to hold a child’s attention whilst learning, I’m sure you had fun experimenting with this – thanks for linking up and sharing on Country Kids.


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