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15 June 2013 · 0 comments

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As a teacher I have a dilemma. I am more than happy for any young child to take photos during an activity if it keeps them engaged. In my experience there are always one or two children who particularly like this. The normal result, if a child really gets going is tens of photos of all sorts of things.

To discard these photos I feel can be inconsiderate of the child’s time and efforts. Naturally, asking a child to choose their favourites to keep is a good tactic. But now I’ve found a clever little app which creates photo collages from up to 30 photos at a time.

Photo Shaper is incredibly easy to use. The children I work with can easily use it with only a little support. I’m sure older and mainstream classes could be taught within one session. The one downside is there are two adverts which are extremely easy and tempting to click on as when they appear, they look like part of the process of creating the photo collage. When you click on these you are taken to the adverts.

It is possible to move the photos about, rotate and resize them, so you can re-jig any collage as you see fit. You can choose the outline and the background colour too.

To celebrate the EAS Wales Early Years Conference, “Opening Up the Outdoors” the photo collages in this post were taken from the “Fred the Ted” literacy workshop I was facilitating. Many thanks to all the participants for their good humour, warmth and willingness to be up for all the activities and to the Early Years team for making the event run so smoothly.

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