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23 December 2012 · 1 comment

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2012 has brought some popularity changes! Whilst I may not consider all of these my own favourites, I do think they give a good flavour of what this blog is all about – celebrating outdoor learning and play in all its guises.

Now there is an interesting situation. Google analytics gives me a different breakdown to Blogger. If you scroll down my right hand column you will find Blogger’s opinion. This post is based on Google Analytics as this is what I’ve used the past 3 years.

With the introduction of my maths, literacy and other pages, visitors to my blog tend to stay longer and browse more. What is most noticeable is that my colleagues in Aberdeen spend significantly more time looking at my blog than any other city in the world. I suspect that’s because I do just over one third of my training courses here so participants use my blog as a reference source. Or maybe the teachers here just like looking at blogs! Anyway – thanks to all of you who do so, in Aberdeen and beyond.

1) Outdoor Music Wall

This post being the most looked at is particularly satisfying in that it is all about the creation of a music wall in school where I work on Fridays. It was a real grass-root effort that involved the children and parents in a truly participative approach.

One of my projects I hope to undertake in 2013 is growing the whole music wall concept into a garden.  So we’ll see how it goes! I’ll keep you posted.

2) Stones

Plain or painted they still remain a popular resource. This is the third year of being in the top ten posts. Many thanks to everyone who repins and shares this post.

3) Big Outdoor Musical Instruments

I wrote this blog post more to remind myself what to consider when looking for and siting instruments outside. I particularly love big drums and tuned percussion instruments outside.

4) Let’s Get Writing Outside

This blog post is full of practical suggestions about writing outside. Very often practitioners get disheartened with soggy paper and children groan at the sight of an A4 clipboard.  So let this post provide a few happier and cheap alternatives.

5) Outdoor Play at Cowgate Under 5’s Centre

An inspirational pre-school centre in the heart of Edinburgh. This post has wonderful photos and some excellent reflections around the need for allowing children to take risks, from Lynn McNair, the manager. This is the third year in the top ten.

6) Creating a Writing-Friendly Outdoor Environment

This post covers a variety of features which schools have added to their grounds to make them better places for writing. Tables and chairs are not the priority 🙂

7) Echt Outdoor Musical Instruments

These bespoke instruments are really standing the test of time. I visited the school earlier this year and was impressed at how well they were bearing up to outdoor playtimes in all weathers.

8) Investigating Right Angles

My maths page is the most visited on the blog and this is the most popular one of all. The more I work outside, the less I teach angles inside.

9) Cowgate Under 5’s Centre – Come and Look

This blog post takes you on a guided tour of this world-renowned pre-school and gives you a wee flavour of its ethos and values.

10) The Fibonacci Sequence and Nature

One of the best mathematical discoveries of all time…

So what will 2013 bring? As yet, who knows! Watch this space. Have a happy holiday these next couple of weeks.

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Kierna C December 23, 2012 at 16:16

Great to revisit so many of your posts in one post! hope 2013 is a great year for you & hopefully we’ll get to meet up this August too when I’m in Edinburgh? Thanks for being a fantastic inspiration to me & for all the support you give me, Kierna


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