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Writing a book is a team activity. Whilst the author gets the credit for writing the book, the creating and publishing processes have a depth which can be often missed. In this post I want to give full credit to those people who helped me.


The Title – Dirty Teaching

Great title!” – I have now lost count of the number of times people have commented positively about the title, which was not my idea. I wish it was! It’s brilliant. THANK YOU Ian Gilbert of Independent Thinking Ltd. Ian has written lots of books and is very encouraging of all the ITL Associates to become authors themselves. You may recognise some of his work such as The Book of Thunks, Essential Motivation in the Classroom and Why Do I Need a Teacher When I’ve Got Google?


The Beautiful Layout

WOW! It looks fantastic!” and “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!” are typical of the comments from people who have already got a paper copy. Tom Fitton designed the book. He put together the cover, layout,  font, organised the photos, etc. It is worth getting a book simply to admire its design. I do!


The Inspirational Photos

Saw ‘Dirty Teaching’ for the first time today. It looks amazing. Our kids loved spotting photos of themselves in it. Thanks.” and “My class have been very funny. They think they are celebs 😉 It’s great. I’m having a read now.”

As soon as people open the book, the range and diversity of the photos is what grabs their attention. The children photographed are definitely THE STARS of the book! Many thanks go to all the children involved, their parents for giving permission and their teachers and schools for facilitating the process of getting the photos taken. It’s been a mammoth job. Almost all the photos were taken by Jane Hewitt who has recently published a brilliant book called Learning through a Lens about using photography as a learning tool and is one of my favourite finds of 2014.


The Crown House Publishing Team

I have just finished proofreading your new book, Dirty Teaching, for Crown Publishing. It is a great read and I hope it is a great success – there’s a lot for every teacher to take away and do – OUTSIDE!! Best wishes for the launch!!

Behind the scenes at the headquarters, all sorts of people help get a book to print. Everyone was incredibly patient and polite, given the book was long overdue and needed to be out in the big, wide world! So a big thank you goes to the following people who liaised directly with me – and apologies if I’ve missed anyone out:

  • Caroline Lenton, publishing director, who first suggested the concept
  • Bev Randall – the production manager who is at the frontline of the process
  • Rosalie Williams – the amazing marketing and rights manager. She is aided by Tabitha Jenkins, the marketing assistant.
  • Emma Tuck – who did the copy editing and made the words flow.
  • Jonathan Merrett – the proof reader (which in my opinion is an impossible task).


Everyone who takes the time to chat

Whether it is online, in person, by email or other form of communication, I appreciate all the conversations I have about learning – outside or in – with people. It is through having my opinions questioned, challenged and even ridiculed that I grow as a person. This also includes all the children in all my classes which I have taught outdoors! You are the architects of this book. Thank you!


Everyone who buys a book

Dirty Teaching: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Outdoors is officially published on 19th June 2014. But copies are already arriving through letterboxes up and down the country. I’m totally humbled and delighted by those who have already placed an order and have waited so patiently. Thanks to YOU the book has been the #1 Hot New Release in Primary Education Books on Amazon UK for the past week. That’s amazing. I hope you enjoy the book and please do tell me what you think.

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