Lessons from the desert

3 March 2009 · 0 comments

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In one of my recent postings I mentioned that there was no pot of money underneath an outdoor learning obstacle.

I was wrong. The Scottish Government have set aside £1.25 million for outdoor learning from their cash-starved budget. In many ways this sum is a drop in the ocean…but in a desert every drop of water is used carefully and rarely wasted.

So, in the arid financial world of outdoor learning, how can this money create an oasis? As you can imagine, this subject has been one of great debate. The money may be the water in the desert, but fertilizer (experiences) must be added and seeds (ideas) sown. Then there needs to be tender loving care to ensure the plants of knowledge, wisdom and action thrive long past the next financial year.

Being an eternal optimist I think this can be done. So long as the Rain Gods pour the financial water on the good seed and decent fertilizers. I’d hate to see all that money washed away further eroding the sands of belief and confidence. Worse still, I hope we don’t discover it is just a mirage with the recession and more pressing concerns on party political agendas.

Gosh I’m full of metaphorical animal scat today (think carefully).

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