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1 March 2009 · 1 comment

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Several weeks ago I found myself in outdoor trainer’s heaven. My magic whiteboard had arrived. The blurb promised me that they would stick to my walls, doors and windows without the need for masking tape, blu tac or other fixing equipment.

So I had a happy afternoon putting a sheet to the test. Magic whiteboards are designed to replace the traditional flipchart and in fact do away with the need for a flipchart stand. However I wanted to investigate how well they would withstand the pressures of being outside with all those rough uneven surfaces and unpredictable weather.

In between the various winter garden tidying jobs, I hung sheets on:

  • A door
  • Various windows
  • My wooden slatted fence
  • My big red canoe
  • The pebble-dash walls of my house, and
  • The dog.

The dog was not amused and the whiteboard sheet did not survive that hanging. However in sheltered spots the sheets had enough static to cling on to many rough surfaces.

Since then I have also used the sheets in various courses and workshops I have been delivering. They’ve been rolled up, scrunched in suitcases and folded ruthlessly. Admittedly some now look a little worse for wear but after a few hours of being mounted most of the crumples get smoothed out. Each sheet is meant to be reuseable at least 20 times.

Best of all, as I work in a tiny office that’s too small to swing a hamster, let alone a cat, I can tuck my whiteboards away in a little space under my desk, where they disappear out of sight – like magic!

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