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8 November 2008 · 0 comments

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I have been on a secret mission here in Sweden. I wanted to find out whether all the rumours about children spending a lot of time outside in nurseries was true…or not. Every time I passed a school, I would furtively glance over the hedges and between the trees to see what was going on.

In nursery schools for 2-6 year olds I saw lots of children outside, all dressed in welly boots, waterproof trousers, hats, gloves, etc. The grown ups were similarly kitted out. What was even more interesting was that this clearly was a frequent event. Everyone’s clothes were grubby.

This happens. Children who play outside will get dirty clothes. After a few weeks of this, sensible parents realise it’s a lost battle trying to keep the outdoor clothes Persil bright and so most children have outdoor nursery clothes which don’t get washed too often.

Interestingly Persil washing powder marketing department have latched on to the idea of children playing outside. Some of their recent adverts use the tagline “dirt is good”. The only shame is that their washing powder is not environmentally friendly enough for my liking. Still click here for an emotional and interesting advert.

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