The Tarp Personality Test

1 April 2013 · 2 comments

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Up and down the country, outdoorsy people have a bit of tarp tucked away or perhaps proudly displayed somewhere. Whilst it does not carry the same level of status as a car, what type of tarp you have and your opinions about tarp can reveal a lot. Oh yes! Take this short test to find out more about your hidden tarpersonality….

How many pieces of tarp do you have?

a) What’s tarp? I’ve got a Next shower curtain, will that do?
b) One
c) Too many to count
d) Between two and twenty depending on whether you include the bits of cut up tarp and one’s I made myself from homespun polyester fibres
e) I prefer a parachute, thanks

What size of tarp do you prefer?

a) Er… does size really matter?
b) Big. The bigger the better
c) Every size has a purpose and value
d) Oooh! I love little mat-sized pieces, one metre square and the big hunks of tarp. No one size fits all
e) I prefer a parachute, thanks

What is your favourite colour of tarp?

a) Flowers are very in, this season. I’d go for a flowery tarp, especially with ones that match my Joules wellies
b) Blue
c) It depends on the weather, season and activity
d) Mondays it’s green, Tuesday’s it’s blue, Wednesdays it’s camo, Thursdays – always new, Fridays are transparent, Saturdays are white, Sundays are when all tarps are never out of sight
e) Parachute colour

What type of tarp do you buy?

a) Cath Kidson at sale time
b) Storm force heavy duty
c) It depends on what it’s needed for
d) El cheapo Costco in sales, B&Q in an emergency, transparent from Cosy, Tarpaflex on recommendation from the FEI Facebook page, 6m round tarp from Muddy Faces and Wickes do a great line in blue tarp
e) I prefer to buy a parachute, thanks

What are the best accessories for a tarp?

a) Ooh! I love Accessorise from Monsoon
b) Pardon?
c) I’m still undecided here
d) Velcro for U5’s, karabiner bungee cords for 6-8yrs olds, paracord or ball bungees for 8-12yrs and I always get teenagers to make their own cordage from local plants. Bright plastic pegs for U5’s, quick pull pegs and rubber mallet for 6-8yr olds, quality camping pegs and wooden mallet for 8-12yrs, teenagers have to make their own from coppiced native trees in winter
e) Paracord works best for parachutes

Where do you store your tarp when not in use?

a) Do I need another handbag for my tarp? My credit store cards are maxed out 🙁
b) It is a permanent erection, so it is never stored away
c) Any old how. I try and remember to dry them out first though to stop nasty niffs
d) I have mastered the origami approach to folding tarp which means they all fit neatly into my 20-litre backpack
e) In a parachute pack. Attached to my back

What do you mainly use tarp for?

a) It’s part of my “outdoor kit” which I have yet to use, but will one day. Maybe at Glastonbury, if I decide to glamp this year
b) I live under my tarp all year round (except when I’m at my mum’s eating dinner and watching Bear Grylls on TV)
c) Working with children and teenagers as part of den building activities or play work outside
d) Everything. It lines my bed, makes a great groundsheet, covers my bicycle, I store other kit inside tarps. I’ve even made an emergency pair of pyjamas from tarp, but they did scrunch a little too noisily
e) Never use tarp, only a parachute


Mainly A’s

Hmm… how did you end up on this blog post? Perhaps the fashion police sent you as their idea of an April Fool joke.

Mainly B’s

Arr! You are a hardcore big blue tarp person. Have you considered signing up for the Territorial Army? It might give you something to do at the weekends.

Mainly C’s

What a moderate response. Are you worried about what this tarpersonality test might reveal? Loosen up by going outside and shaking a few tarps and dancing to your favourite Westlife album.

Mainly D’s

You feel a constant need to prove your worth through sharing your knowledge with others. Your creativity and enthusiasm is magnificent for tarp and all things outdoors. Channel this well. Passion creates possibility.

Mainly E’s

So you like a parachute? We admire your focus and single-mindedness. Have you friends who share your enthusiasm? If so, then party on.

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Kierna C April 1, 2013 at 11:16

Thanks for making me laugh out loud! Love this post so much Juliet, thanks to your influence I was able to answer with mainly D’s 🙂


Juliet Robertson April 1, 2013 at 16:24

Fantastic! The idea of the test is to make one happy with one’s relationship with tarp(s)!


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