Cafe Culture and Budget Inspirational Ideas

1 April 2015 · 0 comments

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Finding inspiration when out and about is particularly exciting. Hidden gems are everywhere. I walked into the Andante Cafe in Sydney and was immediately enchanted by the friendly welcome of the owners, who originate from South Korea.

Andante Cafe 12

The food was lovely – fresh and lots of build your own options in the sandwich section. Whilst I was waiting on my order, my eyes began wandering and my camera twitched in my pocket as I realised this was a deceptive place. 

Firstly, I realised there was something going on with pipes. The ones I normally use for guttering, were all cut up and painted…

Andante Cafe 5

It’s a wall clock made from cut up pipes. Add in marbles for extra interest!

Andante Cafe 3

The loud speakers were hung up on piping! Yay!

Andante Cafe 6

More pipes – painted gold and glued together to create a partition. There’s even pipes within pipes!

Andante Cafe 1

This flower display was created from painted pipes. Fetchingly clever!

Andante Cafe 2

Now here’s one way to display and dry a bouquet of flowers from a wedding. Put them on your step ladder and turn it into a feature.

Andante Cafe 7

Check out the portable notice board. It’s a plank of wood. How simple is this! How compact and bijou!

Andante Cafe 8

Love the blackboards at the end of the tables. This is so play friendly! Leave them blank for children to use!

Andante Cafe 4

The blackboard paint has funked up this wall. Visitors can leave messages here! Create your own version on any wall with blackboard paint.

Andante Cafe 9

This slim planter add natural elements and also prevents visitors falling over the ledge. The animals are at child-height – another friendly little welcoming gesture.

Andante Cafe 11

Every set of tables and chairs was slightly different. Also look at the square storage near the exit for newspapers and toys for children.

Andante Cafe 10

Check out the plant pots – wrapped in burlap (hessian) to soften the edges!

I’m looking forward to further travels and more cafes that give me transferable ideas. Talk about an extra portion of food for thought!

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