Lithuania – Ideas Gathered from my Visit

4 September 2014 · 0 comments

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There is nothing like a visit to a new or different place to refresh and inspire one’s practice. The mundane suddenly becomes far more interesting and the mind begins to tick with new possibilities. For example, outdoor beanbags are quite common in UK nurseries. But I loved the size and robustness of these lakeside bags in the above photo. They were part of a cafe’s furniture…

Sunken litter bins

I got rather into the public litter bins. Many were disguised with barriers such as the one in the photo above. The litter bin was sunk below ground level. When I first came across one, I thought it was a compact and bijou park bench. Oops!

Wire sculptures

Washing line wire sculptures were definitely a first for me.

Tree wrappings

In several places I saw rags tied to trees but never managed to discover why. If any Lithuanian person happens to be reading this blog, perhaps they can tell me more. This was at a cliff top so tying on the material would not have been for the faint-hearted.

Quirky signs

It was when I saw the above sign, that I realised how dull most are. Perhaps as part of the removal of “No Ball Games” signs, we should replace them with something a little more humorous.

Posh tree swings

The next is tree swings. I came across several in different parks in Vilnius, the capital like the one above. This had been decorated as part of a wedding celebration in one of the parks.

Celebrations Outside

Parties in the park were done very well. Groups bagged their space by hanging balloons and funky paper pompoms in the trees above and nearby. It was lovely to see.

Play toilet

I appreciate that some people may have hygiene concerns about a play mat being in a toilet. However I liked the recognition that children need accompanied to the toilet or sometimes a parent will have to bring a very young child inside one and this will create interest.

Flood channels

The drainage systems had many dry streams and stone channels like the one above. So this is where the idea of dry streams in playspaces must have come from 🙂

Dogs with glasses

Finally, I just loved this statue outside the opticians. The dog can see!

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