Thanks to Annie, an old Canadian friend, I found the Wordle website. The photo below is as summary of the words in three blog postings:

This has so much potential in terms of being outdoors, reviewing an activity and vocabulary building. It can be done by children at home as well as at school. You can change the fonts, layout, colours as you wish.

It would even make a great spelling challenge as the children’s own words would compile the list. For example, here’s a list of what I’ve planted in my garden during this year:

Children who are beginning to access the formal curriculum may enjoy matching letters hidden in a sandpit or around the garden to an alphabet wordle. There is a magnetic capital letters font which would allow them to place the actual magnetic letter on top of its outline.

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I’ll leave you to dream and scheme about the possibilities…

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FroggyMama July 5, 2010 at 17:35

So cool – I’ve already spent the morning creating Wordles! Thanks for the inspiring blog and this great link!


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