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10 September 2014 · 0 comments

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Recently I came across a series of simple shacks being built for an event. They were created from locally cut saplings in the village of Nida in Lithuania. I really liked the simplicity of the construction and felt it could be a useful project for older children who want to undertake a practical design project.

SShack 3

The frames have been made from a variety of trees: pine, birch and leylandi were evident. Note the use of diagonal posts on the side frames and the corners of the rear to add strength to the construction. The brashings were woven into the frame.

SShack 4

Once the frame and woven brashings had been completed, the roof was added. This was a sheet of black polythene stapled onto the frame.

SShacks 2

On top of the polythene, a roll of reed stalks  was added. However, I’m sure any locally available thatching type material would work – heather, bracken, reeds, etc. This was held in place by an additional couple of poles nailed horizontally across the polythene.

SShack 5
These are rough and ready temporary constructions. For a more sophisticated affair, have a look at The Bunk Shack.

PS I’m just a little busy right now so apologies about the inconsistent posting in advance. I should be back to normal in October.

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