A Stick Seat

26 January 2012 · 0 comments

in Nature Play & Learning

Stick SeatsLast term, as part of a P1 Skogsmulle session, we built some stick seats. We began with nice big sticks and then piled on increasingly smaller sticks. As you can see we used a criss-cross design to keep plenty of holes in there for the air to get in. Eventually we ended up putting on leaves and other less pokey material. We didn’t put moss on as there is a strict collection code in Scotland. Also moss holds water. Lots of it. So it can be a very wet seat if moss is used.

Sadly there wasn’t a lot of dry material around on that day. We were outside just after a wet spell. So the children, who always have really good ideas, decided the stick seat would be much more comfortable with a few sit-upon-seats. We did the arm test to make sure the seat was suitably thick enough. To do this you have to thrust your arm into the middle of the seat. If the brashings come up to your elbow then the seat has enough depth. A good fun natural measuring activity for these children.

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