A Tree Swing

27 January 2012 · 0 comments

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Stick SwingI love attending a course, conference or workshop where I meet others and learn new tricks. When I was on the International Skogsmulle course in August, I had one of those moments. The sort of moment where you are left wondering why on earth you hadn’t thought of that before.

I used to make Tarzan type of swings with the rope attached to the centre of the swing. However do you see the simplicity of this swing? It’s far easier to make and use. I leave the rope trailing from one end so that the children can use it to pull each other on the swing.

Now to add to the comfort levels, one child who used this decided it wasn’t comfy enough and wrapped his red sit-upon seat (see yesterday’s blog post) around the stick and then sat upon it.

The best ideas are definitely shared…

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