A Step Too Far

18 July 2009 · 2 comments

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Apparently watchers of the Lorraine Kelly show on weekdays have an average of 47 pairs of shoes in their collection. When I first heard this insignificant fact I felt it represented the height of our society’s consumer addiction. Being a healthy outdoorsy woman I felt righteously proud of my ability to walk past a Schuh or Faith shop without the need to dash inside and buy, buy, buy.

As part of the preparations for this camping holiday, I popped into the local outdoor shop in Inverurie. My innocent intention was to pick up some white gas for the MSR stove and check out the selection of maps, located beside the shoes.

Naturally my eyes wandered past the maps and into the racks of boots and sandals. It was a very hot day and my feet were crying out for a decent pair of walking sandals. Last summer our lab puppy ate my Ecco sandals. When the assistant wandered over and asked if I needed help my resistance melted and I asked to try on a couple of pairs. The Keen sandals never left my feet. Once they were on, that was it.

When I got home, I did a quick tally of shoes including the previously discounted outdoor footwear: 3 pairs of welly boots, rock climbing boots, winter hill boots, summer hill boots, my Sorrel boots for ultra cold conditions, Keen sandals, canoe sandals, ski boots, running trainers and hill trainers. To my horror I discovered that outdoor activity shoes make up half of my shoe collection. Whilst Jimmy Choo may not appeal to me, the outdoor shops know exactly how to persuade me to part with my money.

Still I felt marginally better when arriving at my sister’s house. She promptly showed me her new Vivienne Westwood cream plastic shoes, which really did smell of vanilla and bubble gum and confessed she’d spent the first night sleeping in them. Clearly there is a genetic weakness in our family for shoes. Advice on our next step from here appreciated.

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mad August 22, 2009 at 23:31

so glad someone shares my ‘practical shoe’ bug!
hiking boots, wellies, sandals, crocs….

can walk straight past Jimmy whatsits, but show me a pair of all terrain sandals……


CreativeSTAR August 23, 2009 at 09:42

Exactly! It’s simply a different form of consumerism. Those shops have us taped…

One old friend once mentioned that he couldn’t leave an outdoor shop without making a purchase. This does make me feel marginally better in that it’s not a gender issue…men also find that money burns a hole in their pocket when in certain places.


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