Fatal Attraction

14 December 2011 · 0 comments

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Last week I was shopping in Tesco’s and noticed there was an outdoor toy sale. End of season bargains to be snapped up. For me this is a fatal attraction! I become a magpie with a homing instinct leading down the aisle to the display enticed by the bright colours promising FUN outside.

This is an opportunity not to be missed by teachers looking for outdoor activities especially for forces and flight! I managed to find 4 different kites and several different sorts of flying rings. Small parachutes which work with 16 children or less are half price at £5.

I breathed an apology under my breath to the sweatshops in Asia as I took out my business debit card, got the goodies swiped and into my bag. I reminded myself that this is the catalyst for invention and innovation by children as they use the kites to make their own designs using unwanted plastic bags and used paper.

In my first year as a teacher my Primary Two class made kites. It was a rip-roaring success until we went outside. No kidding. I gaily sent the children off running in the playground as the intended icing on the cake to a fabby lesson. Fun melted away in the sun as the children bumped into each other and tripped up. I think I managed a record number of unfortunate injuries.

Since then I have endeavoured to take children onto grass, lined up, to run one at a time along a line with their kites flying behind them. I am also yet to find a kite manual or an education book which advises on the fatal attraction children exhibit for running into each other when holding kites. Please help me out here and let me know if you find such information anywhere.

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