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4 July 2011 · 0 comments

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Outdoor seats are a necessity in most Scottish schools. To begin with, there are lots of wet surfaces owing to current or recent rain. Sitting on wet grass, tarmac or benches is unpleasant and often used as an excuse for not working outside.

This “bag” is not what it seems!

Today I visited a school where I bumped into a teacher, Hannah Smith, who had attended one of my courses a few months ago. With delight she showed me the outdoor seats her class had made.

Being the sort of teacher who sees a learning opportunity in everything, Hannah ensured that every child had their own homemade outdoor seat by setting this as a homework challenge.

Duct tape often turns up when a good sealant is required

There were clear criteria set: strong, robust plastic or other waterproof material had to be used. The stuffing needed to be soft and comfy to sit on. The stuffing needed to be fully sealed within the outer waterproof bag.

This bag has been carefully sewn up at the top

The result has been lots of practical, functional outdoor seats that hang on each child’s peg, ready for outdoor work.

Hannah was particularly pleased in that the children thought about other features. Many have handles to allow ease of carrying. Others have the child’s name written on them, etc.

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