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25 January 2012 · 1 comment

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One of my favourite pieces of material has to be a space blanket. Technically it’s a piece of life-saving equipment one keeps in a rucksack. But more often than not mine usually end up out of the packet and being played with. I often end up wrapping them around trees. The one below is part of a sensory rope trail:

I think space blankets are one of the most multi-sensory man-made pieces of plastic ever invented. I can’t get over the fact that you can look through them – they are actually transparent.  The noise made by shaking and scrunching space blankets makes them a worthy musical instrument in their own right.

They are light so little children can run around with them.

At some point the super-hero inside each of us makes an appearance and the space blanket becomes a cape…

Some children love tossing the space blanket into the air. On windy days I tie this to a pole or fence to stop it blowing away yet allowing the wind to catch it.

Space blankets are a useful additional to den building. Look at the posh house which can be made with a space blanket, a plastic poncho and some masking tape.

Naturally any Christmas shop will be given an extra sparkle through the use of a space blanket.

Some children just like the lightness and brightness when sitting on them.

And others find that they really do keep you warmer when all wrapped up!

So how have you or your children used space blankets? I hope they have been a useful emergency play resource for you too!

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Kierna C January 25, 2012 at 18:08

Thanks again for another great post full of ideas for me to copy, I had never, ever thought of having space blankets in school but now I now how much they would enhance everything we do. Thanks again Juliet – you really are a star!


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