The Cosy website has arrived!

27 August 2015 · 0 comments

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Cosy finally have a website. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration about open-ended products for outdoor play, then this is the virtual shed of possibilities.

One thing that Cosy prides itself on as a company is seeking innovative products and making them a reality. You don’t have to be a design graduate or engineer. My neighbour, Lesley, is testimony to this. Just over one year ago, she created a mud kitchen in her back garden from pallets. It was to keep her son occupied during the summer holidays.  When I saw the design, I just thought it had potential and suggested she send it to Cosy.

The Cosy team really liked it. They built Lesley’s mud kitchen, based upon her specifications and now it’s in the catalogue and on the website. You can even buy it if you want!

Lesley mud kitchen

Naturally now she is inspired to create more products and see how much people enjoy her many other ideas.

Finally, over the past few years many people have contacted me to get a copy of the Cosy catalogue. Please can you hop over to their website and request one. Whilst I love all who work at Cosy, I’m not one of their team – Creative STAR is a separate organisation.

Oh – one year on, the mud kitchen Lesley made, lives outside and is withstanding the wear and tear of the elements. Long live pallets for play!

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