New Year – New Perceptions

4 January 2013 · 0 comments

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Happy New Year! It’s been a time for lovely walks with the dog and reflecting on 2013 and the possibilities that exist. The other day I was near a quarry with a pond. The water had slithers of ice covering the surface. At one point my dog splashed in such a way that he caused an air bubble to form under the ice:

Because it looked so moon-like, I immediately turned the camera upside down for a better look:

At that point I was reminded so much about the quote, “It’s not how things are, it’s how we see them.” I’m not sure who said this originally. For me, this is an apt thought, at the start of the year and how we feel about the year ahead. What we see is mainly what we look for.

Anyway, I am wondering if this might make a nice challenge for one of my classes next week. Going outside and taking photos of ordinary things but taking the photo from a different angle than normal. Perhaps up close, or upside down or simply just very blurry. It help us see our world and the year ahead in different ways.

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